Oh, for the Love of…Jelly Bellies!

Jelly Belly Bird Scatter Pins, http://ladyofthelakejewelry.coffeecup.com

Yes, for the love of Jelly Bellies! I’m crazy about them and, no, I don’t mean Jelly Belly jelly beans! I’m talking about the astoundingly cute vintage jewellery pieces, referred to as ‘Jelly Bellies.’

This type of jewellery started being made in the 1940s by popular jewellery maker, Trifari. At that time, Trifari was also producing plexiglass for use in military vehicles. The leftover, or faulty, plexiglass (lucite) was then re-authored into pieces of jewellery as directed by designer Alfred Philippe.

The most popular and collectible ‘jelly belly’ pieces are of animals and creatures. Each piece features a plexiglass (lucite) centre, also known as a cabouchon, which gives the appearance of a belly full of jelly! Jelly belly pieces were also made with pearl, rhinestone and other gemstones in the middle. I have some vintage jelly bellies in my collection and will do a post on those at a later time. Until then, enjoy the examples below!

Some beautiful examples of ‘Jelly Bellies’:

Trifari Jelly Belly Spider Fur Clip, http://www.jeweldiva.com

Vintage Lucite Jelly Belly Figural Turtle Pin, http://www.penelopespearls.com

Trifari Penguin Jelly Belly Pin from Etsy


Black Dahlia

10 thoughts on “Oh, for the Love of…Jelly Bellies!

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  3. Just realised that I have an jelly belly in my collection – although I didn’t realise they were called jelly bellies – until now! Mine is a late 50s/early 60s tie tac insect fly pin with faux turquoise cabochons and faux pearl eyes. 🙂

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