What’s in Your Vintage Handbag?

I’m always interested in what other vintage ladies are carrying in their handbags and evening purses. Call it curiousity or just plain nosiness! ;0 I like to see what neat beauty products and must-have items ladies are carrying around. And, of course, I like to admire the vintage handbag.

I’ll Show You Mine…If You’ll Show Me Yours!

Now I’m going to show you what’s inside my handbag that I used last evening. If you’re a blogger yourself, I’d love to see you do a similar post and let me know here in the comments section. If you’re not a blogger, I still want to know what’s in your handbag, so leave me a comment!

First off, the Handbag:

A lovely 1940s vinyl-looking red and gold rectangle handbag, which still has it’s original coin purse inside.

1940s Red Handbag, Black Dahlia's Collection

1940s Red Handbag (top), Black Dahlia's Collection

So, what’s inside?

1940s Red Handbag (inside), Black Dahlia's Collection (click to view larger size)

From left to right:

  1. Vintage Lady Buxton leather pocketbook.
  2. Keys on Fluff High Heel key chain.
  3. Vintage measuring tape, because you never know when you’re going to have to measure something!
  4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula stick, for when those hands get chapped. I hate carrying around messy lotions.
  5. A few bob pins.
  6. Mini nail-file.
  7. Oil-absorbing blotting tissues.
  8. On10 Schweppes peach lip balm.
  9. Leopard print mechanical pencil, Zebra brand.
  10. Besame Cosmetics lip pencil in Cerise & Red.
  11. Besame Cosmetics lipstick in Cherry Red.
  12. 1940s gold compact with lucite and silver stars.
  13. Girls Galore pin up peppermints (featuring lovely Elvgren pin ups).
  14. My Sweetheart business card holder.
  15. 1940s red gloves.
  16. Vintage glove clasp/holder.

Now, do tell me what’s in your handbag!

Do check out what’s in these ladies handbags:

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28 thoughts on “What’s in Your Vintage Handbag?

    • Hi Emy. So happy to see your post on your blog. I tried to comment there, but couldn’t for some reason. 😦

      My, you have a lot of fun stuff in your bag. So much to look at. ;0 I love, love, love that banana print H&M make up bag. Too die for!


      • I have a melon-print one as well, they’re actually in the sale for a Euro each over here, so I’d swing by if you have an H&M near you! I constantly need tins and bags for all my fiddly little earrings and lip pencils and…

        And thanks! Not a single thing on that page is vintage actually – bit embarrassing. But I’m definitely pretty prepared! Your bag and contents are way more glam than mine… I love that even little things, like your pen, are lovely!


        p.s. I was fraeuleinberlin on the Fedora Lounge, so we’ve chatted before about our hair, if you remember!

      • Hi Emy,

        I may have to check out the H&M here, to see what they have. ;0

        I really like the 60s looking notebook in your purse, it has a man and a woman on it. I’m not even sure it is a notebook?

        Of course I remember, we both have super curly lovely hair. ;0


      • That’s my vocab book! There were a few and they were only two Euros each and so cute! They had bigger ones bu those were quite expensive. If you wanted, we could do a little present swap – I’ll pick you one of those up and you could surprise me with something of a similar price and we could post them? I love post! Drop me a private message on the Fedora Lounge if you fancy it!


      • OR you can find me on Facebook – my name’s Emerald Sherlock-Mold and I’m the only one, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding me!


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  3. What a fun article on your blog. I have a ton of vintage handbags and change them out constantly, soooo, I keep a small fabric liner bag with just a few essentials, (lipstick, mints, nail file & business cards) that can easily be droped into my usually small-ish vintage handbag. I of course add phone, keys and a debit card to the mix. This makes it easy to change out my bag daily.

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