Oh, for the Love of…Fiestaware!

Fiestaware, also known as Fiesta dinnerware or pottery, was created by Frederick Rhead in 1936. It is one of the most collectable china dinnerware lines in the world – and yes, I love it! Fiestaware features beautiful art deco styling and comes in a variety of bright and pale colours. Fiestaware brightens up any kitchen and looks amazing when mixing and matching the different colours.

Fiestaware was discontinued in the 1970s, and then brought back in the 80s, and is still being manufactured today. You can buy Fiestaware plates, bowels, mugs, tea cups, mixing bowels, coffee pots, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers – you name it! I’m lucky to have two new Fiestaware complete dinner sets, one set in maroon and one in navy. I also have some vintage Fiestaware pieces in black and purple. One of my favourite pieces is my lady hot plate!

Fiestaware is so popular that you often see it used in movies and television shows. One show springs to mind as having used it often, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy and her mother were always using Fiestaware in their kitchen! As an aside, Giles always drank his tea out of a green depression glass mug. The things you notice whilst watching TV!

Let me know if you collect Fiestaware by leaving a comment below and happy collecting!


Black Dahlia

26 thoughts on “Oh, for the Love of…Fiestaware!

  1. My mom collects Fiesta Ware. It’s about all she uses in the kitchen. She has 4 different color pitchers on display at all times. She lives in West Virginia where the factory is so they have an outlet where all the pieces with “defects” (a tiny bubble if that) are only $1!

    • Way to go mom! My mom collects Fiesta too, probably why I love it so much. I have some defect mugs that I got for a $1. I wish there was an outlet near here, I’d stock up on the discarded pieces!

  2. I’ve got a couple pieces of vintage fiestaware – a gravy boat? dish? bowl? And a little creamer holder. (Technical names, right?)

    They’re a gorgeous teal blue and I would love to have more matching pieces. I can’t believe how much you can pay for vintage fiestaware! Yikes!

    Thanks for the education 🙂

  3. My wife is an avid collector of Fiestaware. We’ve got over two cabinets filled of multicolored glorious color! The cool thing about it is she doesn’t care about coordinating the colors…she enjoys the spontaneity of the collection. We have some classic pieces from the beginning of the Fiesta era worth a good bit of money and have some of the newer limited edition colors and pieces as well!

  4. I put Fiestaware on my wedding registry. Got all the extras like the spoon rest, napkin holder, matching linens, it was great. My set includes the original 30s pastels, not the bold contemporary colors. All but two of my colors have been discontinued. Love them!

  5. I’m a long-time collector of Fiesta ware (and vintage clothing) and stumbled upon your blog. Very nice! Love the vintage advertisement. If you haven’t already done so, you should check out the the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association. http://www.hlcca.org It’s a great club for collectors of Fiesta and other Homer Laughlin dishes, old and new.

      • No, I don’t blog, but several of my Fiesta-lovin’ friends do. They’re also into vintage tablecloths (big time). Check out:
        The Little Round Table
        Tabletop Time
        Dishing with CaraFaye
        MyBecca’s Vintage Tables

        Love your gloves and baubles. Are you into hats as well? Looking forward to exploring your blog archives.

        Cheers, Mme. LaV.

      • Hi there! I will definitely check those blogs out, thank you for the recommendations. I do love hats also, but can’t seem to pull them off very well. Must be the shape of my head! *lol* And welcome to the blog. ;0

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  7. Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, guess I will just bookmark this page.

  8. Hi, love the blog. I’ve been collecting Fiestaware since the early 1990’s and have over four hundred pieces of both vintage and post-86 pieces.

    I also just opened a dinnerware and tabletop store in San Diego California specializing in Fiestaware. What great fun! Contact me anytime.

  9. fiesta, thank you for that sweet comment! I felt as though I was just another voice in the vintage blogger wind. I hope to carve out some time to get back posting. I miss it!

    Frank, wow over 400 pieces? That’s incredible! How I envy thee…

  10. Found a mug but can’t find out what the color is.can any one help? It’s kinda blue green, never have seen this one before.

  11. I buy fiesta on clearence at Kohls when I can find it. Usually it’s an opened box with a piece missing… I then go on the website and order the missing piece for next too nothing and have a full (5 piece) set for less than $20.00

  12. What are the large items that look like large salt n pepper shakers w/ a large hole on top in place of several little holes. I inherited a large set of fiesta ware and there ate 6 of these items with the set. Are they used to put a flower in at each place setting.

  13. Dear, i think you want to say “bowl”, not bowel. A bowl is a ceramic iten for soup, etc. Bowel is the lower part of the intestine in your body.

  14. I started a few years ago collecting Fiesta and have a lot already I’ve started going by the color I want to collect and try to finish that before I start another color but if find anything I like I’ll get it .My mom and aunt collect also my aunt got me started. I bought some about 20 year ago but didn’t realize then that I should have bought a lot more.

  15. I love it too! My mom had Fiesta when I was a little girl (1950s). Don’t know what happened to it. Wish I had it today. I collect vintage Fiesta, although I have 12 places settings of new Fiesta in Scarlett. I got rid of my Pfaltzgraff to make room for my Fiesta.

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