Oh, for the Love of…Egyptian Print Dresses!

Yvonne De Carlo, http://www.infobarrel.com

The Egyptian Revival in clothing and jewellery of the 1920s through early 60s, is yet another obsession on my list. I’ve always had an interest in Egyptian art history, so I love the fact that I get to wear a bit of it! When King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922, it started an Egyptian craze or ‘revival’ throughout the world. This had a great influence on fashion, jewellery and accessories. In a future post, I will deal with the Egyptian Revival in costume jewellery – so stay tuned!

Egyptian Print Dresses

I love Egyptian print dresses, don’t you? Egyptian novelty print dresses featuring hieroglyphs, hathors, eyes, sphinxes, etc. were very popular in the 1950s and early 60s. There was a wide variety of colours and styles of dresses, and the prints were always eye-catching and intriguing.

Let’s Have a Look!

1950s Egyptian Novelty Dress, senoritahollywood

1960s Egyptian Novelty Dress, Q’s Daydream Vintage

My vintage Egyptian hieroglyph dress. Sorry for the crappy photos, I really need a better camera! Anyhow, since you can’t see the fabric well, I’ve used it as a background.

Vintage Egyptian Print Dress, Black Dahlia (click for larger version)

1940s Egyptian Jewellery, Black Dahlia’s Collection

Vintage Egyptian Dress, Vintage Voyager

1950s Egyptian Dress, http://dvintage.blogspot.com

1950s Hieroglyph Dress, Dear Golden


Black Dahlia

5 thoughts on “Oh, for the Love of…Egyptian Print Dresses!

  1. Wish you had some of that jewelry to go with. Talk about HAWT! Of course, you’d also have some baubles the Museum Police would want to shackle you with too… Hey what gives THEM the rite to have it but not us? :o/

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