Oh, for the Love of…Hearts!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I want to commemorate it with a V-day themed post. Instead of sharing vintage Valentine’s cards with you, I’d like to concentrate on the matter at heart. Figuratively speaking that is! *lol* This post will feature a variety of heart-themed goodies.

Every woman needs a spectacular vintage dress for Valentine’s Day! Take a look at these sweethearts!

1940s Heart Dress, ebay thestyleasylum

I seriously want the below dress. *sighs* Goes right along with my obsession with playing card prints!

1950s Poker Hearts Dress, sunnycrick

1950s Lace Heart Dress, TiddleywinkVintage

Bettie Page Megan Dress, bearflagrepublicusacom

I heart these accessories!

Bakelite Heart Brooch, http://www.debutanteclothing.com

Bakelite Heart Necklace, http://www.doloresnme.com/

1940s Lucite Earrings, BabyBoomerRelics

Don’t forget your heart stockings or tights! I know I’ll be wearing mine. ;0

Heart Suspender Tights, http://www.indianvanitycase.com


Black Dahlia

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