Lucky Number 54, Prize Giveaway!

This is Oh, for the Love of Vintage‘s first prize giveaway! The below vintage items (excluding the car) will be given to follower number 54. Is that you?

Nash Metropolitan,

Why Follower #54?

I know, why not follower 50 or 100? Well, 54 because 1954 was the first year my favourite car, the Nash Metropolitan, started being produced. Not follower 100, because they’ll be receiving a separate prize package, to be unveiled at a later date.

The Goods:

  • 1950s (perhaps early 60s) black nylon gloves
  • 1950s plastic beaded clip on earrings

Follower #54 Prizes

1950s/60s Gloves

1950s/60s Gloves

1950s Clip-on Earrings

1950s Clip-on Earrings

How to Enter

All you have to do is follow this blog, either via your WordPress account or by email. I will know by the statistics who is lucky follower #54 and tell them the great news!

How do I Follow?

Via your WordPress account:

Follow via WordPress

Via your email account:

Follow via Email

Via RSS feed:

Via RSS Feed

* If follower #54 for some reason doesn’t want this prize, I’ll think of another way to give these items away.

Current Followers

Don’t feel left out, there will be more prize giveaways in the near future for current followers!


Black Dahlia

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