Fashion Icons – Part 1

When asked ‘who are your fashion icons?‘ many vintage ladies site film starts like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. All are wonderful and inspiring choices. Maybe I’m a bit strange, but all of my fashion icons are fictional characters. This is perhaps fitting considering I’ve always felt like a bit of a cartoon character! ;0 Starting with this post, the ‘fashion icons’ series will focus on my fictional favourites.

Betty & Veronica,

So, who are your fashion icons?

For me, it is Betty & Veronica of Archie Comics! Archie first appeared in 1941, with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge being introduced shortly after. I’ve collected Archie comics and memorabilia since I was young and even did a grade school project on them! *lol* Seriously, I did – and it was good!

The most famous Archie cartoonist is Dan DeCarlo, who drew the best Betty & Veronica. I have a couple of DeCarlo’s pin up books from the 1940s/50s, they are amazing – do check out his art! I greatly admire and am inspired by 1950s/early 60s B&Vs fashion sense and style. Be sure to visit Eep! Omigosh to view large 1950s Betty & Veronica comic scans.

So, let’s take a closer look at my fictional fashion icons!

1950s Betty & Veronica Comic,

Veronica's Fashion Page,

1950s Betty & Veronica Comic,

Veronica's Pin Up,

1959 Betty & Veronica Comic,

Betty & Veronica Comic,

Betty & Veronica's Pin Up Page,


Black Dahlia
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19 thoughts on “Fashion Icons – Part 1

  1. Agreed, comic book girls are the best. I adore Veronica’s style too… her hair! Perfection! “Katy Keene” and “Mopsy”, from the ’40s-’50s, are also style icons of mine πŸ™‚

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