Share and Share Alike

Ah, Bacon!

Happy Saturday readers!

I want to thank you for following this blog and for your comments and feedback. This blog is growing faster than I ever thought possible and your input is key. I read every comment you post and reply as soon as I’m able. One of the best things about running a blog is hearing from YOU!

Whether you agree with my views, or disagree – I do want to hear from you. I strive to make my posts as accurate as possible. However, if you notice something I’ve missed don’t hesitate to point it out. Maybe you will learn something from me, but I’m sure to learn something from you!

When you comment, please feel free to add a link to a blog post if it’s on the same topic. Or add a link to your blog, even if it’s on a different subject! I always want to hear about what you’re doing. If you’re interested in swapping blog links, just let me know and I’ll add your blog to the homepage.


Black Dahlia

P.S. yes, a vintage bacon image. What better to share with someone you like, but BACON?

6 thoughts on “Share and Share Alike

  1. hello fellow vintager!! I love this post , its warm and I agree with is key and makes the dif πŸ™‚ ok Add me …
    I will add you as well:)

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