I Heart My New Camera!

Ever since I bought my last digital camera, I haven’t been pleased with it.  The results were never to my liking and often blurry/pixely. However, I continued to use it and most of the photos on this blog were taken with that camera.  Until now……

New Camera!

Yes, I got a new digital camera and I’m in love with it. Is it wrong to be in love with an inanimate object? Well, I AM! ;0 It’s the retro-looking compact Fujifilm X10, behold its beauty!

One of the reasons I picked this particular camera is that you can use it manually (setting aperture, shutter speed, etc.) or choose from a variety of auto settings. The picture quality is amazing and definitely an  improvement over my last camera.

I’ve been putting this camera through the paces to make sure it takes equally good portraits, scenic shots, macro shots, etc. Find a few recent photos below, which I’ve reduced greatly for blog use. Now I’ll be able to take better outfit post photos and better closeups of jewellery! And, yes, Danny Ocean you are correct, now I’ll be able to take I  better ‘loo’ shots!

Evening Tree, FujiX10

Tintin and Barbie Go for a Drive, FujiX10

Jewellery, FujiX10

'Oh, for the Love of Baubles' Cherry Bomb bracelet, FujiX10


Black Dahlia

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