Prize Giveaway Revised!

This is Oh, for the Love of Vintage‘s first prize giveaway!

The prize was originally supposed to go to lucky follower number 54. However, due to the inability to easily track followers, I’m not sure who was follower number 54!

Readers have followed via wordpress, email, bloglovin’, RSS feed and through blog readers. Therefore I cannot keep track of who signed up first in order to pinpoint a particular follower. And the blog has far surpassed 54 followers in such a short time! Now this prize giveaway open to all readers!

How to Enter:

To win the goods simply post a comment below and tell me:

  1. Why you like/want these gloves and earrings
  2. If you have the perfect outfit to go with them
  3. Why you like this blog


  • Please note: you must post your comment by the end of Saturday, March 3rd. As long as your comment post date says ‘Saturday, March 3rd’ you’re eligible.
  • After March 3rd, the winner will be randomly selected from the comments and contacted.

The Goods:

  • 1950s (perhaps early 60s) black nylon gloves
  • 1950s plastic beaded clip on earrings

Follower #54 Prizes

1950s/60s Gloves

1950s/60s Gloves

1950s Clip-on Earrings

1950s Clip-on Earrings


Black Dahlia

6 thoughts on “Prize Giveaway Revised!

  1. Yay, give away! I love the gloves and earrings because though they’re classic black, they have character. They’re versatile, yet set you apart from the crowd. I particularly like the gloves because I live in New England where it’s cold more than half the year. I’m also a huge fan of this style clip on earring, because with a little ingenuity, they double as sweater clips. I have several dresses that would be lovely with the gloves and, of course, the earrings! Now just to decide on shoes….

  2. You can never have too many pairs of gloves! I had a pair of gloves similar to these, but my puppy decided to run off with one. I haven’t seen it since! She’s grown up a bit now though, so I can safely display gloves (and socks) around my bedroom again. Hurrah!
    I’m really eager to try clip on earrings. Whilst I’ve seen some lovely ones at fairs and charity shops, I have never really seen any that are my style. Until these!
    I would pair both gloves and earrings with my white, full skirted dress – teamed with black Mary Janes and a black neck scarf. Monochrome all the way. haha.
    I have been lurking on your blog for about a week. I’ve enjoyed all your posts so far, and am looking forward to future posts The content is varied, ‘cute’ (for want of a better word!) and informative. Also, it sounds dorky but I like the layout and organisation too. Everything is easy to find. Best of luck with your blogging!

  3. Hi powderkegcompacts and Amy. I’m glad to see two posts here, I was beginning to think no one wanted these gems! Good luck in the draw, you both have a great chance of winning. ;0

    Amy, thank you for the comments on the blog. I’m really enjoying doing it!

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