A Look at Chevron

What is Chevron?

Chevron is a design in the shape of a V used either right side up, or upside down. According to the Artlandia Pattern Design glossary, chevron is “a traditional, woven or printed design of zigzags in a stripe layout, also called herringbone.” Chevron is an ancient design and was used on a variety of items such as rock carvings, pottery and jewellery.

Chevron Dress Pattern, /www.stylehive.com

Chevron in Clothing

In clothing design chevron is typically printed, stitched or woven into fabrics. Chevron is commonly worn as an insignia on the sleeves of officers and policeman to denote rank or length of service.

Chevron was a very popular design in the 1930s-50s, widely used in clothing. Today, we’re going to have a closer look at the use of Chevron in women’s vintage clothing.

Chevron Dresses

1930s Crochet Chevron Dress, http://www.cemetarian.com

1930s Chevron Dress, Vindemial Vintage

1950s Chevron Dress, RococoVintage

More Chevron!

1940s Chevron Sweater, SubversiveFemme

Sweater with chevron pocket, A Rarer Borealis

For my fellow knitters, do check out this free chevron sweater pattern on A Rarer Borealis. So cute!

Chevron Skirt, Veramode

1950s Chevron Swimsuit, http://fashionismymuse.blogspot.com

Orange Bakelite Chevron Earrings, http://vintagejewelrylane.com

Chevron Reproductions

Stop Staring Sweet Stripes Dress:

Stop Staring Sweet on Stripes, http://www.modcloth.com

Bettie Page Clothing Shipmate Dress:

Black Dahlia in BP Shipmate Dress

Who can resist these chevron swimsuit bottoms? I can’t, I want them! ;0

Chevron Swimsuit Bottoms, Fables by Barrie http://fablesbybarrie.com

Chevron Swimsuit Bottoms, Fables by Barrie


Black Dahlia

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