Knitting Pretty: 1950s Nautical Sweater

Good afternoon lovelies!

I’ve picked up my knitting again for the first time in about a year. Luckily, it’s all coming back to me: casting on and off, knit, pearl, etc. Unfortunately, I’m not advanced enough to make any of the bed sweaters in my last ‘Knitting Pretty’ post. However, I shall soldier on and keep at it.

Today, I wanted to treat you with another vintage pattern. This time it’s a 1950s Nautical Sweater, with two flags on it. I’m crazy about all things nautical and sailor, as you probably realize from previous posts (ship jelly belly earrings, Captain swing dress).

Download Pattern (pdf): Knitting Pretty 1950s Nautical Sweater.

I hope to one day be able to knit this gem! If you complete it, do let me know. I’d love to see photos.

Ahoy, Mateys!

1950s Nautical Sweater

Other Nautical Free Patterns:

Ahoy, Sailor Sweater from Wiley

Ahoy, Sailor Sweater from Wiley

Crochet Sailor Cap from Subversive Lesbian Anarchic Femme

Crochet Sailor Cap, Subversive Lesbian Anarchic Femme


Black Dahlia

6 thoughts on “Knitting Pretty: 1950s Nautical Sweater

  1. What a great idea! Love the images. The top and bag are magnificent! Sadly, I don’t know how to knit. Maybe I’ll crochet a lightweight summer wrap. Crocheting always soothes my nerves. Thanks for the reminder! Theadora (I’m looking forward to seeing progress shots!)

  2. Hi Catwalk and Theadora. I do wish I was better at knitting. I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet also. I hear it’s easier to learn than knitting. I’ve added a crochet project above, a sailor cap! ;0

    • The sailor cap is so cute! Maybe I’ll give it shot. With a pompom! Crocheting is easier (in my world!). Plus, the TSA will usually let you board the plane with a small plastic needle. Theadora

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