Hey Sailor! A Look at Elvgren Pinups

Brass Telescope, http://www.stylehive.com

Hello lovelies!

As you realize, from reading my ‘A Look at Saint Patrick’s Pinups‘ post, I adore vintage pinup illustration. The women are so beautiful and their frocks, hair, accessories are simply amazing.

One of my favourite pinup artists is American Gil Elvgren (1914-1980). Elvgren is one of the most influential pinup artists of all time and you can find his artwork licensed on a ton of merchandise. When I come across such items, I can’t help myself from buying them! I even had to have these mints just for the case. *lol*

This post isn’t a biography of Elvgren, but if you wish to read one please check out www.gilelvgren.com. I’d like to focus on something Elvgren and I have in common. What is that you ask? Our mutual love of the sailor girl theme. I can’t get enough of sailor dresses, nautical tops and skirts, hats, jewellery, shoes – you name it!

Elvgren had a love for the sailor girl, and so do I. Elvgren depicted sailor girls in many of his illustrations over his lengthy career, find below some from my files. If you have any to share, please do let me know.

Hey Sailor!

Naughty Nauticals!

Anchors Aweigh!

See Worthy, from pinups.nylon.net


Black Dahlia

19 thoughts on “Hey Sailor! A Look at Elvgren Pinups

  1. My favourite is the second one – a few years ago I was even on the hunt for pieces to put together that exact outfit, but I never quite managed it… maybe I should start again!



    p.s. I fixed my settings so you should be able to comment on my blog now.

    • Hi hun! I get you. I bought the Bettie Page dress that was modeled on the dress in the first Elvgren pin up here. ;0 I can’t remember if I posted it on my blog…

      Great, I want to be able to post on your blog. Going now….


  2. Who can resist a Gil Elvgren sailor girl, I cannot, unless maybe if it were a Gil Elvgren sailor girl red head 🙂

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