What Katie Did Comes to Ebay.com

Like many of you vintage ladies, I love What Katie Did (WKD) lingerie. I fell in love with the line several years ago and ever since have been a loyal customer. When I was in London in 2009, I was able to visit the What Katie Did store and purchase the Lulu Bullet Bra and knickers. ;0

Black Dahlia with What Katie Did purchases (and lime shirt guy), London tube

Black Dahlia on tube with WKD bag, photo Helen Davies http://www.flickr.com/photos/helenhatespeasphotography/

Lu Lu Bullet Bra, What Katie Did Lingerie

What Katie Did Lu Lu Bullet Bra, http://www.polyvore.com

Since then, I’ve been buying clearance items online via the WKD UK Ebay store. The What Katie Did UK Ebay store is great because you can find items at a fraction of the usual cost. The stock includes sale items, ends of lines and seconds (garments with minor faults). One big draw back in purchasing from the WKD UK Ebay store is the shipping from the UK.

Cabaret Bullet Bra & Suspender Belt, http://www.whatkatiedid.com

However, that is no longer an issue as What Katie Did has just announced the opening of their US Ebay store! Apparently there is less stock in the US store due to some Ebay restrictions, but the stock will continue to grow. Do keep your eye out for some amazing deals! I know I will be. ;0

As a side note, look at the new Marlene Bullet bra and suspender belt! *swoons*

Marlene Bullet Bra & Suspender Belt, http://www.whatkatiedid.com


Black Dahlia

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