Oh, for the Love of…Vintage Aprons!

Skirt Apron

Afternoon lovelies!

I recently read somewhere that ‘aprons are a symbol of female oppression’. I find that statement completely ridiculous, but I won’t delve into that. I see absolutely nothing wrong with wearing an apron whether it’s for housework, cooking – or fashion!

As the title of today’s post suggests, I love vintage aprons. I collect and wear vintage aprons and even design my own vintage-inspired ones. Vintage aprons are pretty and feminine and can really add something special to your outfit.

Apron Types

There are many different types and styles of vintage aprons. My favourite kinds are full bib ‘hostess’ aprons and half or ‘skirt’ aprons. To clarify, a bib apron is the kind where you do not have to tie it around your next. Called a bib apron after babies bibs, I imagine. Sometimes bib aprons also criss-cross in the back.

1950s Bib Aprons

1940s Bib Apron, Black Dahlia

Hostess aprons refer to full-length 50s aprons that are colourful, ruffly, ornate and sometimes over-the-top.

1950s Hostess Aprons

A half (or skirt apron) is half of a full size apron and covers the bottom of your dress or skirt.

1950s Skirt Aprons

1950s Skirt Apron, Black Dahlia’s Collection

1950s Skirt Apron, Black Dahlia’s Collection

Personality Aprons

I am particularly fond of ‘personality’ aprons as they were called in the 1950s. Personality aprons are simply novelty print aprons, worn to suit ones mood or personality. I love this type of apron in particular, as they are very unique and cheerful. There is nothing more fun, colourful and eye-catching than a vintage apron made from floursack fabric. 🙂

1950s Personality Aprons

1950s Novelty Apron

1950s Strawberry Skirt Apron, Black Dahlia’s Collection

1950s Dog Apron, Black Dahlia’s Collection

Aprons for Fashion

In the 1950s aprons became more popular, but were not just worn to keep clothes clean of dust and cooking debris. Aprons were worn for fashion and seen as an accessory to an outfit. Elaborate and embellished half aprons were created to complement evening dresses, deemed ‘glamour’ or ‘dress’ aprons.

1950s Glamour Apron

1950s Glamour Apron

1950s Dress Apron, Black Dahlia’s Collection

These aprons are more ornate than day aprons and feature intricate embroidery, beading, stencils, tassles – you name it! See below one of my dress aprons, worn last year as part of my Christmas eve outfit.

Remember ladies: glamour aprons turn day dresses into date dresses! 🙂

1950s Christmas Apron, Black Dahlia

Vintage-inspired Apron Lines:

Some of these aprons are so lovely I want to buy them, sew them up the back and wear them as a dress!


Black Dahlia

18 thoughts on “Oh, for the Love of…Vintage Aprons!


    It is one of my little GUILTY pleasures. I will tweet you a picture of a cracker I have recently made, its from a vintage pattern and is a full skirted apron, I loves it so much hehe.

    Love you blog x

  2. I LOVE aprons! I inherited ones from my grandmothers and aunts. I always wear them at dinner parties, shindigs and cocktail fetes. They’re the perfect accessory. They work very well with little black dresses. Especially the dandy organdy sort! Your collection is FAB. And the story art and photographs! My pick? The bottom Christmas number. Very cute!! Theadora

  3. Hi Frankii and Theadora! Glad you like the post.

    Frankii, I can’t wait to see the apron you’ve made. I bet it’s super cute! I love your blog too. X

    Theadora, me too. Yours are very special as they’re inherited, such history there! Thank you re the comment on the photos and illustrations. It comes in handy having a ton of vintage magazines to scan. ;-0


  4. Oh my, what a wonderful post! Yes I think we share a love of vintage aprons. I have tons of vintage apron patterns (I need to find time to make a few) and always pick them up whenever I run across them. I love the bib apron, it is fantastic! Will be following you and thanks for stopping over!

  5. Hi Helen! I love your blog and was so happy to stumble across it today. I now follow your blog via bloglovin. ;0

    I love looking at others vintage apron collections. I don’t have any apron patterns, but I sure do wish I did! I’d love to see yours.

  6. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog so that now I can come to yours – I love it! I too have a bit of a thing about vintage aprons. I recently bought a gorgeous one from Lyme Regis and am planning to take a pattern from it and make more! Rachel X

  7. I’ll have to show you my Apron, it’s hand made and it was a present, but it’s Blue Gingham with Yellow. I really love it. I never wear it, it’s on display in my kitchen. I’m too scared to ruin it! Xx

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  9. Good morning.
    As you can see I am a Policeman in london.
    My wife has been collecting aprons most of her life. She is particuarly keen on collecting half aprons and also ones that advertise. We are always on the look out. Have you any suggestions where to find them in the London area.
    Best wishes

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  11. I have always admired half aprons. They are so easy to find in antique shops. I’m never sure about how to wear them as part of an outfit though. I’m glad I came across your article.

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