Kittens, Brooches, and More – Oh My!

Good day lovelies!

Over the weekend, I went to an antiques fair and was overwhelmed! I wish I had taken my camera so you could have seen all the gorgeous items. There was a ton of household items, depression glass, books, lamps, furniture and several dealers in vintage jewellery.

I saw a few amazing Miriam Haskell pieces and nearly cried because I couldn’t afford them. 😦 Also, I spotted several gorgeous carved red Bakelite bangles. Prices starting at $110 per bangle! Atrocious  and inflated prices are very common at Antiques fairs. I always think in my head ‘I hope the dealer loves this item because they’re going to be stuck with it for a long while.’ I’m on a very strict budget at the moment, but still managed to purchase a few cute items.

Let’s have a looksee!

This little porcelain kitten was meowing to me. He didn’t want me to leave him there at the sale. He’ll get along perfectly with the rest of my kitty knick-knacks!

Porcelain Kitten made in Japan, Black Dahlia's Collection


As you know, I’m a sucker for brooches, especially novelty ones.

Make a wish!

Well Brooch, Black Dahlia's Collection

You’d better write this down…

Pen Brooch, Black Dahlia's Collection

And more purchases!

A lovely and unique black oval Bakelite bangle, purchased for $4.

Black Oval Bakelite bangle, Black Dahlia's Collection

A rare green-blue marbelized Bakelite spacer bangle. It looks green in natural light and blue in direct sunlight, purchased for $3.

Green-blue Marbelized Bakelite bangle, Black Dahlia's Collection

Green-blue Marbelized Bakelite bangle, Black Dahlia's Collection

What  have you purchased recently?

Leave a comment and tell me, or link to a recent blog post of yours where you show your recent purchases. I’d love to see  them!


Black Dahlia

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