Oh, for the Love of….Lady Head Vases!

Lady Head Vases, Black Dahlia's Collection

Good afternoon ladies and gents!

Today’s post is about an item I collect and adore, lady head vases. I started collecting these years ago and my mother often adds ladies to the growing collection. I love lady head vases because they’re beautiful, fashionable, glamourous and also have a practical use.

What is a Lady Head Vase?

A lady head vase is just as the term describes: a ceramic floral vase shaped into the head of a lady. Lady head vases were introduced in the 1940s and were very popular up to the 1970s. These vases depict glamourous ladies with stylish hats, pearl necklaces, earrings, brooches and lush lashes. In the 1960s, teen age girl head vases were introduced. Celebrity head vases were also created in the likeness of Lucille Ball, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and others.

Vintage Lady Head Vase, Black Dahlia's Collection

To me, lady head vases often appear to have a haughty look and I love them for it! The lady head vases in my collection span from the 1940s to 60s. I particularly love models from the 40s and 50s and am always on the lookout for a new lady. I would love to find a rare Lucille Ball lady head vase for my mom. I’m keeping my eye out for that!

Collecting Lady Head Vases

Collecting lady head vases is a lot of fun. You never know what kind of a lady you’re going to come across at a flea market or yard sale. It’s always a thrill!


Lady head vases are highly collectible and because of that the prices keep going up. Prices for lady head vases range from $20 to in the thousands depending on the piece itself, its condition and rarity. The celebrity head vases mentioned previously usually fetch a higher price.

60s Lady Head Vases, Black Dahlia's Collection

Where to Buy

If you’re looking to start a lady head vase collection you can often find them at yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores and antique shops. I would be wary of purchasing them online as there are a lot of reproductions in the market. Companies are producing vintage looking lady head vases and passing them off as originals from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Beware!

Lady Head Vase Manufacturers

Several companies produced lady head vases in the 40s to 70s.  Here are some company names that can help you identify your vase:  US manufacturers – Betty Lou Nichols and Henry Holt and Japan manufacturers – Napco, Inarco, Lefton, Enesco, Relpo and Reubens.

Vintage Lady Head Vases, Black Dahlia's Collection

More Information

Websites dedicated to lady head vases:


Black Dahlia

38 thoughts on “Oh, for the Love of….Lady Head Vases!

  1. I love Lady Head vases but unfortunatley we don’t really get them in England and the ones on eBay are a bit too expensive for me at the moment. Maybe one day I’ll get to buy one.

  2. midcenturyfella, I bet you’ve seen a lot of great ones!

    Natashadevil, I didn’t realize that they weren’t a popular trend back in the 40s, 50s, 60s in England. I guess it was mostly a US/Canada fad. I’ll keep my eye out for one, for you!


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  4. A lady auctioneer will be selling 400+ vintage lady head vases from the collection that I inherited from my Aunt. I also have 70 at my home of higher value if anyone is interested. I can email the site for the auctioneer as well as email you pictures of the ones that I have. We have approximately 800 total.

    Thank you,
    Dianne Stratton, Louisiana

    • Debra,

      I forwarded your email to about 20 collectors that I have connected with since inheriting my Aunt’s Lady Heads.  I asked each one of them to forward the info. to all of their collector friends.

      We pray that you have a great response from collectors on Saturday.  We have to go to a wedding in Lake Charles that begins at 6 p.m.  Our thoughts will be with you all as you work hard to sell our Lady Heads.  

      Thank you so much for helping us.


      WordPress.com Debra Johnson commented: “For anyone that might be interested…the Head Vase Auction is this Saturday at 5:08 PM Over 450 Head Vases will be featured in the auction and we will have online bidding during the auction so you can sit back and relax in your easy chair to bid. Just “

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  6. I have had one lady for 25 years 7 had no idea what she was worth, I just thout she was a beautiful head vase. I have hunted for one like her without any luck. I found on online but did not give the price. She is a Trimont Ware vase with a green dress and a gold trimmed bow, long lashes & pearl earrings,a Trimont sticker on the bottom, she still has the same foam and fake grass in her head. I found out people are collecting these and I am trying to find out what she is worth. I have kept her up, she is in PERFECT CONDITION. I would like to find out how much she is worth? jeanie964@outlook.com

  7. i have my grandmothers lady vase head. it is in perfect condition with the original flowers. K10098 Relpo. Can someone tell me when this was made, value, etc..

  8. I have a Lucille Ball head vase that i would be willing to sell. Please contact me through FACEBOOK. Nicole Cardwell from Royal Oak, MI. Thank you.

    • Hi Tami:…..I’m not sure if you ever got an answer for an appraisal on a lady head vase that you have. I’m a long-time collector and knowledgeable and have all the reference / identification books, if you might need any help…..Thanks, John

  9. Hi can u email me back I have a question on what the value of my head vase might be I can’t find any pics if it online except here in your top pic the blonde with the white tank top and red bow execot mine has a black bow. If you email me I’ll email you back a pic

  10. Hi Shannon:…..I’m not sure if you ever got an answer for an value on a lady head vase that you have. I’m a long-time collector and knowledgeable and have all the reference / identification books, if you might need any help…..Thanks, John

  11. Hello. I recently acquired a vintage Head Vase and was doing research on it and I ran across this article. While I realize this article is four or five years old, hopefully Black Dahlia will see this.

    The Head Vase that I have is what I believe to be a Lucille Ball as Mame Head Vase. It is marked Rubens 531 on the bottom.

    I would love to learn more about it. Send me an email, and I could send you some pictures. The hat is an aqua blue with a red band. It has a few small scratches on the back of the hat, both otherwise is in great condition, to my untrained eye.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Mike Dansky

  12. This is a great blog. I am a collector of head vase for many years as well as Delftware. Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, and Jackie O. all had head vases modeled after their likeness. These can be some of the most valuable, and are keenly sought by today’s head hunters. For anyone that might be interested in Delftware collection as well just go to http://www.aronson.com

    • When it comes to “Lucy” lady headvases, two (2) examples come to mind. Obviously, size & condition are critical when it comes to valuation…..might you have a photo and/or description ?……John (email is ncodmus@aol.com)….

  13. I have a set of three lady head vases they’re relpo original a Samson import I found them at a yard sale I have 7 unopened boxes sets of three purple yellow and green I’ve been searching everywhere and cannot find this particular set I can find them in singles any help would be greatly appreciated I have sold a couple singles 4$90 a piece but I imagine all three together in an unopened box is much more valuable

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