Awards & Recognition

Happy weekend lovelies!

I want to take this opportunity to thank some readers for nominating me for a few awards! Thank you all for sharing the love. ;0 As you are aware, I’m relatively new to blogging and it’s really lovely to have the support of my fellow bloggers!

Special thanks to:

Miss Meadows for the Liebster Blog Award. Readers, you really must check out her vintage blog. How would I describe it? In two words: incredible and classy! The topics, photos and insights are completely unique.  I always look forward to her weekly Fabergé Friday posts.

Sweet Sophie Blue for the Sunshine Award. My So Called Crafty Life is truly one of the best craft blogs out there. Just wait until you see Sweet Sophie Blues’ one of a kind creations – to die for! Do check out her Etsy shop and look at the darling floursack fabric earrings!

The Powder Keg for the Liebster Blog Award. The Powder Keg is one of my favourite vintage blogs. Jenn is incredibly knowledgeable about the topics and items she covers. We have a lot of common interests and she has inspired me to do a post about my vintage compact collection (stay tuned)!

The Vintage Style Queen for the Versatile Blogger Award. You must follow this blog; I order you! ;0 I don’t know where to start in my accolades, as Beth covers it all. All things vintage, fashion, but much, much more than that! She truly is the Vintage Style Queen!

It’s Only Erica for the Sunshine Award. This blog is amazing and always keeps me eager for more. Erica posts on a myriad of topics, all of which are incredibly interesting. Her posts, photos and vintage finds always grab my attention! Do be sure to check out her recent posts on the Titanic.


Black Dahlia

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