Fun in the Sun! A Look at Elvgren Pinups

Happy Saturday lovelies!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately.  I’ve been quite busy, but must carve out some time to share some things with you. The first post this weekend is dedicated to, yes you guessed at, ‘Fun in the Sun’ Elvgren pinups. You probably realize from my previous posts: Hey Sailor! A Look at Elvgren Pinups and A Look at Saint Patrick’s Day Pinups that Gil Elvgren is my favourite pin up artist. He is indeed and ranks at the top along with my other favourite artists, Peter Driben and Enoch Bolles. 

It’s a beautiful, warm and sunny Saturday. However, unfortunately I’m not feeling well. 😦 So, I’m going to enjoy ‘fun in the sun’ indoors by living vicariously through these pinups. I figure  there’s no better way to enjoy a sunny day than by donning stockings, lovely frocks and sexy shoes and getting into some precarious positions! Surely that’s how we all spend our sunny summer days!? ;0

 Time for Fun in the Sun!

Elvgren Diving Board Pinup,

Elvgren Go Cart Pinup,

Elvgren Carosel Pinup,

Along the Water Babes 

Elvgren Lilly Pad Pinup,

Elvgren Beach Pinup,

Elvgren Beach Blanket,

Elvgren No Swimming,

 Swingin’ Summer

Elvgren Swing Pinup,

Elvgren Butterfly Pinup,

Elvgren Up the Tree Pinup,

 Sun-kissed Sweeties

Elvgren Archer Pinup,

Elvgren Hula Pinup,

Have fun in the sun today lovelies!


Black Dahlia

10 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun! A Look at Elvgren Pinups

  1. I love Gil Elvgren so much, I’ve never been much of a painter myself so these make me so jealous! I have some prints in my dressing room at home, as Jack’s deemed most of them them ‘too saucy’ for the main house xx

  2. This post is oodles of vintage pinup fun! I’ve always preferred pin-ups images that stop just shy of actually exposing any intimate parts, and love that just all about all of Gil’s work falls into that camp.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Glad everyone enjoyed the pinups!

    Theadora, her shoes are adorable! I covet so many of the outfits in these pics.

    Thanks Morgan, I will check that out! 🙂

    Betty, I wish I could paint too. I would definitely do pinup art if I could. Too saucy for the main house? Never! xx

    Jessica, I agree. A hint is way more alluring, sexy and intriguing than baring it all.


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