Sunny Skincare Tips!

Unlike Sandra, I don’t want to tan!

Hi lovelies!

It’s almost officially Summer and we all know what that means: we need great looking skin! Well, we should have great looking skin all year round, but this post is entitled ‘Sunny Skincare Tips’ so…..

Anyways, below are some tips from me on how to keep your skin looking good this Summer. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few suggestions. Do feel free to comment and add your tips!

Use Sun Protection!

It’s really important to use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun and environmental damage. Perhaps this is a no-brainer, but it deserves to be mentioned. I have very pale, fair skin which burns incredibly easy (Skin Type 1 a la Snow White). I try to always apply sunscreen with a high SPF and UVA/UVB protection before I leave the house each day.

However, I often just put it on my face and forget to apply it to my body! Neglectful me. I hate the feel of sunscreen, particularly on my face. It makes it feel like my skin cannot breathe! Usually, the higher the SPF the worse feeling the product is on my skin (to me). So, I usually opt for an oil-free sunscreen with SPF 15 on my face and SPF 30 (or higher) on my body.  


  • Understand the SPF (sun protection factor). SPF is a measure of the product’s ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. There are two ways of understanding the SPF, but I find the percentage model easier: SPF 15 filters out approx. 93% of UVB rays. SPF 30 filters out appox. 97% and SPF 50 filters out approx. 98%.
  • Apply your sunscreen with a cotton ball or make-up sponge to avoid getting your hands greasy.
  • Don’t neglect applying sunscreen to your hands and feet! Also, use a lip balm with sun protection. I use a lip balm with SPF 20.
  • Opt for an oil-free sunscreen, which is great for all skin types including acne prone skin.
  • No matter what sunscreen you use, regardless of the SPF, you need to reapply it! 

Cleanse & Exfoliate!  

Great summer skin isn’t just about sun protection. You also need to remove your makeup, cleanse and exfoliate your skin. I’m not one to follow a strict skincare routine, but I do remove my makeup and sunscreen each day. What do I use you ask? OLIVE OIL. Yes, you heard me correctly. I use olive oil to remove makeup and sunscreen from my face. It works fabulously to remove all makeup and residue and leaves my skin feeling oh so soft.

I just started exfoliating my skin more often. I do it mostly because I like the way my skin looks and feels after I’m done (smooth). Don’t just exfoliate your face; get your arms, legs and feet summer ready too! I’m prone to bumpy skin on my arms, not sure of the medical term, but we call it ‘chicken skin’ in my family. Perhaps it’s ingrown hairs? I have no clue, but exfoliating often takes care of this unsavoury problem. Again, do exfoliate your feet, please! There truly is nothing worse than a woman wearing super cute sandals with gnarly, unkempt feet! Icky!


  • If you have oily skin, it’s best to avoid using olive oil to remove your makeup. Using olive oil is better for normal or dry skin types.
  • If you have acne prone or dry skin, be sure to select a hydrating, gentle exfoliant.
  • Avoid washing your face in hot water as it can cause broken capillaries and strip the natural lipids. Use warm water instead.
  • If you have oily or acne prone skin, carry blotting tissues or cleansing wipes with you to wipe perspiration from your face.
  • If you have callouses on your feet, use olive oil to soften them and shrink them over time.


Beautiful skin starts inside. If H20 isn’t already your best friend, make it so! Drink water throughout the day, every day. If you’re out and about, take your water bottle with you. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition, which results from not having enough water in the skin. If your skin remains dehydrated it can lead to problems like eczema, psoriasis, loss of elasticity, etc. None of which we want!  

Use Protective Accessories!

What I mean by ‘protective accessories’ is: wear a big, floppy hat and sport sunglasses! I have a vintage-looking, kind of homely, cream coloured white floppy hat that I sometimes wear. However, I’m on the lookout for something more fetching. What does your summer hat look like? Usually, instead of said homely hat, I carry one of my parasols. It gets some stares from passersby, but WHO CARES! At least I’m protected from the harsh rays. Plus, I have some really cute parasols and when else am I going to use them? I also sometimes wear vintage gloves with my outfits, adding another layer of style and protection!

It’s not just your skin that needs protection, your eyes do also. So, always wear your sunglasses when you’re out in the sun. Don’t forget to check the UV protection level of your lenses! If you don’t already have a pair of vintage/ repro sunglasses, you can always buy a pair online and replace the lenses. This Summer I’m sporting rectangular-shaped tortoiseshell 60s looking shades, as my 50s cat-eye frames broke. 😦

Summer Makeup

I don’t wear much makeup any time of the year and especially not in the Summer. I recently discovered BB cream and now use it every day. What is BB cream you ask? BB stands for ‘beauty balm’ and it is the latest makeup craze. It’s an all-in-one product with SPF that protects, hydrates and evens out skin tones. I like it because it’s light-weight, non-greasy (unlike regular SPF face lotions) and provides natural-looking coverage.

When I’m not wearing BB cream, I wear Bare Minerals powder foundation with SPF. It provides protection and has a nice light powder finish. Whether it’s BB cream or powder foundation, I like both of these options because it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing sunscreen. Actually, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup at all! And, truth be told, it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any makeup either. I put BB cream or powder foundation on, mascara and lip balm with SPF and I’m ready to go! At night, of course, the red lippy comes out and I add eye-liner or shadow.


Black Dahlia 

5 thoughts on “Sunny Skincare Tips!

  1. As someone who likes to say (and in fact, does) that she burns faster than a piece of toast, I’m all for every helpful tip I can find that ensures I’m able to ride out the summer without getting a sunburn. Thankfully, after two horrendous ones in my younger days, it’s been many years since I was last burnt, but it can happy any time, any place, so one absolutely must be vigilant!!!

    Thank you very much for the wonderful, handy, perfectly seasonally appropriate post, sweet gal, you’re such a gem!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica, I’m similar to you: I burn in just a few minutes in the sun. In a past workplace, we were having a BBQ and I said that If there wasn’t shade I couldn’t go out as I’d burn in just a few mins. They didn’t believe me, and unfortunately, I proved them wrong. Cover up this summer hun – do you have a great vintage hat?

    Dressesandme, do let me know if you find a pattern!


  3. B.D.! What an timely, informative post with fabulous visuals to boot!! Spiffy layout, by the way. The photographs are super cute. Love the parasol shot! I never leave for a run without applying 75 SPF sunblock, sunglasses, and a ball cap. Say, I love your olive oil beauty secret! I’ll have to try this! Merci!! T.

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