Oh, for the Love of…SHAG!

No, not ugly shag carpet. What kind of a blog do you think this is? ;0 This post is about one of my favourite contemporary artists, SHAG. Based in California, SHAG (aka Josh Agle)  has a unique, vibrant and captivating style. I’m very inspired by his illustrations. So much so that I’m thinking of covering myself in green paint, donning a 60s bunny outfit and mixing some Mai Tais!

SHAG‘s illustrations have a cool retro vibe and include Tiki images, party scenes, skeletons, monsters and vintage babes. Oh, and don’t forget the cocktails! SHAG‘s work appears in galleries and on a myriad of products from greeting cards to cd covers, clothing to zippo lighters. My dream is to own a SHAG print before I die. Seriously!

I highly recommend SHAG’s cocktail/party books which include some amazing recipes. Hmmm, now I’m thirsty! I think I need to mix up an ‘Affair to Remember.’

SHAG PARTY book from http://www.fontdiner.com/

SHAG PARTY book, http://www.fontdiner.com/

Now sit back and enjoy some SHAG, on me!

'Tabby' SHAG Print, http://www.shag.com/


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