These Are Not Your Granny’s Panties!

I realize I have some male readers, but this post isn’t for you – so move on! ;0

These Are Not Your Granny’s Panties!

First, let me explain myself. Many years ago I was walking down the street with a friend when a gust of wind made my dress go up. A passerby yelled at me and said ‘you’re wearing granny panties!’ I was very embarrassed, as you can well imagine, and also a bit hurt. “These are NOT granny panties,” I thought “they’re 50s style high-waist pink velvet knickers. So take that you jerk!”

Or, are they?

However, I reflected on that and realized my vintage inspired panties are indeed ‘granny panties’ as I’m sure my grannies wore similar ones back in the 40s/50s! And, so what? I like them. They’re comfortable, cute and sexy. Not all of us ladies have to wear thongs or bikini underwear to look and feel sexy. And, actually, the thought of wearing either of those types of underwear makes my skin crawl!

By now you’ve probably guessed that this post is about vintage inspired panties, underwear, knickers, whatever you want to call them. 🙂 I love and wear vintage inspired knickers all of the time. There are a ton of great companies producing fetching vintage inspired panties.

You don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort. You get it ALL with retro high-waisters!  So let’s take a look at some, shall we?

What Katie Did

What Katie Did (UK) is “the world’s leading brand of faux vintage lingerie”. I have several of their items including bras and stockings and of course some knickers! The What Katie Did range of panties offers different styles, colours and materials. My favourite are their high-waist knickers (referred to as ‘deep retro panties’). The What Katie Did panties look amazing, and fit well. However, in terms of comfort I’d say they are just moderately comfortable. Of course that would depend on the style you choose. The panties I have by them I love, but wouldn’t rate them to have ‘all day comfort.’

WKD Josephine Knickers

WKD Lulu Knickers

WKD Marlene Knickers

Secrets in Lace

Secrets in Lace (US) is the “worlds premier supplier of authentic 100% nylon stockings, elegant lingerie, garter belts, girdles and bullet bras.” I do not have a lot of SIL items, but definitely want more. I absolutely love their stockings and panties and cannot wait to try one of their bullet bras! Their underwear line is very classy and elegant and you can find a myriad of high-waisted styles to choose from. I’m crazy about their line of full briefs and am saving my money for more. The few pairs I have are gorgeous, fit well and are super comfortable! Definitely one of the most comfortable lines of vintage inspired panties. All day comfort- indeed!

SIL Ruffle Brief

SIL Lace Trimmed Retro Sheer Panty

SIL Dominique Vibrant Panty

Cameo Intimates

Cameo Intimates (CAN) sadly no longer exists. 😦 It was an amazing Canadian company that handcrafted and custom-made vintage inspired lingerie. You simply chose the style/fabric you wanted and they made your order to fit YOU! I was lucky enough to buy some items from them before they closed their doors, including bullet bras and briefs.

About a year after they folded, some of their stock surfaced on Ebay where I was able to snap up more. The reason I mention this company, even though they are defunct, is because their panties were the MOST COMFORTABLE! Seriously, I’ve never had such comfty and cute panties. I decided that I’m going to use one of my pairs of Cameo briefs as a pattern so that I can make more. I’ll let you know how that turns out in a future post.

I have the below set and I LOVE it! 

Cameo Intimates Bra & Briefs

Cameo Intimates

Cameo Intimates

Other Companies

There are a lot of companies that make vintage inspired lingerie. If you’re interested do check out Lucy B Lingerie, Kiss Me Deadly and Vintaga.  At your department store check out the vintage looking briefs by Warner’s, Wonderbra and Triumph. If there’s a Winners, TJ Maxx or Marshalls store near you, take a peek at the Marilyn Monroe Intimates lingerie line. I’m not sure where it’s sold originally, but this line features a lot of amazing items including high-waisted briefs, girdles and shapewear. I snap anything by this line up when I see it! The panties are incredibly comfortable and the line features a ton of different styles and colours.

Marilyn Monroe Intimates Set, Ebay seller silkandlace05

What’s your favourite vintage inspired lingerie line?


Black Dahlia 

15 thoughts on “These Are Not Your Granny’s Panties!

  1. Another fun post! I’m digging the “What Katie Did” line. Love the bullet bra look. My pick? The “Marlene” set. Love the color combo. Their “Josephine” set is also a looker. I also like the bottom “Marilyn Monroe” set, too! How to pick just one?! T.

  2. Oh-la-la! My goodness, these are some sultry, beautiful, timelessly appealing skivvies – which I would be elated to wear any day of the week! Your posts are always so detailed, well constructed and enjoyable, dear gal, and this one is no exception. I say three cheers for the panties of our grandmothers’ days and to the gals like us who adore wearing them now!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hi everyone! So glad you liked this post. It has really made me want to go knicker shopping! :0 I’m saving up some $ so I can buy more undies from Secrets in Lace.

    I’m definitely going to check that out doolallytat, thank you for letting me know!

    Theadora, let’s have them ALL! ;0

    Jessica, thank you hun! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Such a shame that Cameo Intimates is gone. One great Canadian company dissolved. 😦


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  5. I hate the term “granny panties” to describe the traditional brief that fits correctly on the natural waist. This term was no doubt coined by some uninformed young person, or fashion writer, without a sense of historical perspective. The traditional brief looks fabulous on the right kind of body (check out the Secrets in Lace web site), and actually looks better on most bodies than the thong or most micro briefs that show too much. The micro styles simply try too hard and, in so doing, give away too much to the observer. Sex appeal is based on mystery. A woman in beautiful lingerie is far sexier than a naked woman, or one in lingerie that barely conceals. Sure, most grannies would not look sexy in anything, but the beautiful woman looks fabulous in traditional style briefs. Young people, as exemplified by Bridget Jones boyfriend, have no sense of romance and historical perspective that will allow them to appreciate the romantic styles of decades past. The panties of the 1930s and 40s, including side-buttoned, and later elastic waist, tap panties, sweet little bloomers and cuff-leg briefs, were the most glamorous of all, utilizing sensuous silks, satins, and rayon fabrics and adding delicate touches of lace, embroidery, ribbons and bows. French-inspired from the start, lingerie makers really knew how to get it right. Since then, we have fallen into a more utilitarian periods of functional and sexless underwear than tries too hard to be “sexy,” but often falls short. In a strained effort to avoid the natural waist, for example, we get the awkward looking “boy short” that comes down lower down on the leg but looks, and no doubt feels, unnatural. Lingerie is best when it is innocent and demure, leaving much to the imagination, but doing it with style and femininity. Even the simple white, or pastel, cuff-leg Lollipop brief, in cotton or nylon, is far sexier than the thong because of the sense of innocence that it conveys. More guys than you think appreciate the traditional styles that look like undergarments rather than athletic wear.

  6. they’re shaped like “granny panties” but they are all very sexy and classy at the same time! much better than modern thongs !!

  7. Beautiful bras and panties on real women’s bodies. Fuller, sexier figures were appreciated in the 50’s and 60’s.

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