Happy Bunny Day!

I love chocolate. I like bunnies and adore pastel colours. So, in a superficial way at least, I enjoy Easter. I love having a yummy ham dinner with my family. I’m really looking forward to  mercilessly eating the ears and face off of a chocolate hare! Poor little Peter Cottontail…

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Easter than with some bunny pinup photos and illustrations. I know you really enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day pinup post, so why not cater to my readers every now and then! ;0

Happy Bunny Day!

(Don’t nibble on my ears, Buster!)

George Petty Pinup, http://animationresources.org

Stocking bunny, froufroufashionista.tumblr.com

Rabbit pinup, mothgirlwings.tumblr.com

Earl Macpherson pinup, vintagegal.tumblr.com

Bunny, mothgirlwings.tumblr.com

Bill Randal pinup

Easter Pinup, Etsy sweetheartsinner

Olivia de Berardinis pinup, http://store.absolutelyfabulous1.com

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and do enjoy your treats!


Black Dahlia

P.S. the feature image (rabbits in eggs) is from bytesdaily.blogspot.com

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