Oh, for the Love of…Vintage Gloves!

1950s Hansen Glove Advert, www.vinmag.com

1950s Hansen Glove Advert, http://www.vinmag.com

Patsy Stone (of Absolutely Fabulous) said it best, “you can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes.” I quite agree with her and continually have to make room in my closets for more!

Vintage Gloves

I love gloves from the 1940s to early 60s. All lengths, all fabrics and all colours. You can find vintage gloves in various lengths: to the wrist, to the elbow and over the elbow to your upper arm (opera gloves). The rule of thumb typically is that the shorter the sleeve of your dress, the longer the glove should be.


I’ve noticed that gloves from the 1940s/early 50s are typically longer. In the late 50s/early 60s,  the ‘to the wrist’ or ‘just over the wrist’ length became more popular.

Late 50s Advert, saltycotton's flickr photostream

Depending on the occasion, gloves are matched to (or compliment):

  1. Your dress
  2. Your hat or scarf
  3. Your belt
  4. Your shoes
  5. Your purse
  6. Your accessories (jewellery)

1950s ad for Neyret gloves, Hoodoo That Voodoo

So many choices! However, the conventions do not matter. As long as you’re happy with how your gloves compliment your outfit. If I’m in a ‘matching mood’, I match my gloves to my belt, purse, shoes, jewellery or hair ornament. Otherwise, I wear gloves that compliment the colour or pattern of my dress.

1940s/50s Gloves, Black Dahlia's Collection

Don’t forget, Lucky Number 54, you get a free pair of vintage gloves and earrings when you follow this blog!


Black Dahlia

7 thoughts on “Oh, for the Love of…Vintage Gloves!

  1. Pretty post! I also love, love the glove look. I recently scored a pair of Christian Dior gloves in beige for just a few euros. They were still in their little “Dior” paper bag. Unfortunately, they don’t fit. But they look rather handsome sitting on the bookcase! Theadora

  2. Ooh, I have some pink Gants Neyret back in England (unfortunately I could hardly bring any accessories to Germany with me; I only had 23kg of stuff when I arrived!)… I was going to sell them, but no one responded to my ad on the Fedora Lounge, and now I’m kind of glad… I think I’ll try and work them into my outfits when I get home.

    Do you think hats and gloves should match? How much can they clash? I’m never quite sure about that one!


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